My name is Carlos and I am the founder of the association Volunteering-Peru.org. I always wanted to help my city, from a young age I had the opportunity to grow up in a family receiving foreigners who wanted to help my community, learn Spanish or travel to know archaeological places. I soon realized that I could integrate all this to offer volunteers a pleasant and fun experience while they help here, because such a trip you only do once. 

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel just read a page.” - San Agustin

Why start volunteering with us?


Experience: Members of my team and I myself have been volunteers. I have learned about volunteer programs since 1996. I know the right local people in Cuzco and I have cultivated strong relationships with administrators of each project and other key contacts in order to conduct the help where it is needed the most.  


Real Impact: Many of the children who received help from volunteers ask us about them, "I miss playing with them", "I learnt this from her". – the kids tell us. I can now assure you that each volunteer leaves unforgettable positive marks on the children.



Transparency: Our policy is to help others. We manintain a low registration fee which covers administrative expenses and 20% of the registration fee is donated to the project you take part in.



Flexibilily: We know that there are times when you can miss the project due to illness or because of a tour or trip, it has happened to me too! That does not take away the desire to support projects, the most important is to organize and communicate well.



Affordable: One of our main objectives is to involve as many people as possible without losing the quality of our service. We do not have real estate belonging to our organization, nor offices so we substantially have reduced our expenses and it keeps our registration at a very low rate. I invite you to research the web.


Personalized: Each volunteer is different and we pay attention to their concerns from their arrival in the city. We guide you, provide information and carry out diverse activities tailored to your personality.



Fun: I love to dance, socialize, know places and experience a new culture, my city offers all that, I am sure that if you participate as a volunteer you will also want to experience it besides visiting Machu Picchu, right? How great to be able to help and have fun at the same time. 


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We interviewed one of our last volunteers at the project site, look at her reaction in the program.

— Diana, Volunteering at the: "Women Empowerment" project in Cusco


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