the secret history!

the beginning


After a lot of thinking I decided to embark on my dream of creating a volunteer program. This was a tough decision as it involved leaving my professional career behind and because my parents were worried about my future.

follow your dreams


As I followed my passion I met someone who shared my news, Agnes, who has played a special part in the organization and together we continued to develop the volunteering program.

First volunteers


In the middle of the year we began to receive the first volunteers, we were excited to help them enjoy their stay at Carlos' house.

Hard work


Although it took time and both of us have jobs alongside this that allowed us to continue running the volunteering program, we began receiving volunteers from different agents.

The changes


Our Organization is making good progress and this brought new changes. Agnes decided to retire.

New expectations


Nathalie is now part of the Organization and later Omar Gonzales, together we worked on the development of the organization.

We continue forward


Moving forward: till present: We have decided to reorganize and extend our services for those wishing to have a unique adventure in life. We´ve welcomed more than 400 volunteers who have enjoyed their stay in Cusco.

We´ve met more than 400 satisfied volunteers over the last 3 years.