+ Why choose volunteering Peru?*

Local: Volunteering-Peru has been created in Cusco, Peru by a Peruvian guy and all our staff still lives in Cusco. Being local allos us to deeply know each project we support, their members, needs and how they work. Our focus is to offer help to people who really need it.

Real Impact: Since we chose the projects so carefully and know then well, you can be sure your contribution will be real and high. Whether you chose to help children, women or animals, you will change lives!

Experience: Volunteering-Peru has been receiving volunteers for the last ten years. Our focus is to offer you an unforgetable Peruvian experience!

Personal support: You will receive a 24/7 support. We fine-tune communication with all the volunteers. We can assist you with personal questions, organizing a medical appointment, everything you need.

Affordable: One of our main objectives is to involve as many people as possible without losing the quality of our service. We do not have cars belonging to our organization, nor offices so we substantially have reduced our expenses. We are still volunteers that support the projects, that's how we keep our prices low.

Flexibility: We know that there are times when you can miss the project due to illness or because of a tour or trip, it has happened to me too! That does not take away the desire to support projects, the most important thing is to organize and communicate.

Fun: If you love to dance, to socialize, to walk around and know new places and to experience the culture, the city of Cuzco offers all that. I am sure that while you are participating as a volunteer you will want to visit Machu Picchu, right? How great is it to be able to help and have fun at the same time.


Volunteering-Peru has been allied in social assistance projects since 2008. Our goal has been to be the link between people like you and projects that require extra help in our area. We are proud of our achievements and reputation acquired during all these years, especially supporting children. However, from time to time they ask us if we are legitimate, credible or real. Maybe the most effective way to see our work in reality is for you to be able to see our activity on our FaceBook page of volunteers. We suggest you get involved before your participation in the program by asking questions or ask volunteers´opinions. Watch videos about the programs volunteers carry out and to see the video comments they leave. We know how important it is to research before making a trip like this and that these will lines help so you choose the most suitable program for you. We will be here if you want to plan your trip.